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The Boys team had a sad loss today. Played a tough game against a tough team. The Boy did well. The team as a whole was kind of flat. They just seemed a bit not there fully until after the first half! Oh well there will be one next week we can build on this loss and get focused and ready for the next team!


Tomorrow at 8:45 we will be getting on the ferry to head for the Seahawks Home opener! I can’t express how excited I am!!! Real football that matters in Qwest Field! It’s time to get loud and proud and cheer these guys on to our first win! I have been so irritated with Kam Chancellor with his whole hold out thing but he’s back at work and ready to put it all behind him. Hopefully the team has gotten focused and are passed any issues they have with him and they can play as a team! I am glad the whole team is back together and that we will be taking the field tomorrow together!

Football is our thing, The Hubs and I! Can’t wait to spend the day with him, tomorrow, focused around football just like when we first fell in love! Can’t wait to fall in love all over again!

Go Seahawks!