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Today is Friday! I don’t normally get too excited but this week has been rough and I am glad it’s over!

I have been busy and overwhelmed. Between the two jobs, house stuff, volunteering, my car being worked on…. You know, life! Today we got my car back! Yay!!!! I am so glad to MY car back. I’m kind of attached to that thing!


I had a busy work day (actually busy work week) and now I am sitting with the Hubs who also is taking on the “chill” attitude of a Friday! Which is good. Both of us have been stressed! I am happy to be able to sit and have a drink and chill on this Friday night with him! And to see him smile!

It is chill time! We have two Pee Wee Football games this weekend and the In-Laws are coming over Sunday for Lasagne after the Sunday game. It will be a fun family weekend. I plan to enjoy every second of not working and enjoy the family.

That’s what weekends are for, for all of us working moms, to enjoy our families. Today was my house cleaner day which means I don’t have a mess to look at or clean up (yet). Take time this weekend friends to enjoy your time off and enjoy your family!

Comment how are you enjoying you family this weekend?