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Today is Pee Wee Game Day! I love watching these boys play! I am especially proud of the Boy! Raising my favorite playerI love watching the Hubs Coach. I like it even more when they win but today the did not win. It was a good game though. When I step back and think of it, our team is so “green” with so many brand new players (13 or so, out of our current 20) we are staying in these games that we are not winning. The score today was 16-6, it was much closer than that score sounds. The other team scored only two touchdowns on the last two possessions they had. There was no score until the 4th quarter. Then we scored in response however we didn’t hit our kick for the extra 2 point (in pee weeks extra point kicks are worth 2 and running it in is worth 1) so that put the game at 6-8. We kicked off and they got it with less than 2 minutes left. They then scored again hit there 2 point extra point kick and left us enough time to run just a few plays on offense. I was so proud of my son. He is one of the smallest kids out there and goes out and hits as hard or harder than some of the big kids. Shshshshsh, don’t tell him he is one of the smallest kids, he doesn’t play small at all. He is really turning into a great football player!

Tomorrow we have another game! We play our Pee Wee Cup game. It is where the teams in our league go head to head for the “Pee Wee Cup”. I usually don’t care about this game at all, it means nothing really. But this year for some reason I want to win it bad. Our team has much less experience and 8 less players all together. I think the team we play may have as many returnees (or veteran players) as we have total players. Oh well, it is all about heart. You have heard me say it before. This team has heart, and when you have an under dog with a lot of heart against an experienced team, anything can happen! I can’t wait to watch it. I predict a good game and a fun one to watch! Totally looking forward to it!

So it is currently 10:21 on Saturday night. The Hub’s and I are sitting on the couch watching the Duck’s game. I am sipping on some grape vodka getting ready for a mellow night at home with my lover and prepping to have a busy day tomorrow. The in-laws are coming over. I am making Lasagna and a cheese cake for dinner after the game. Of course we have the game so it is a good night to stay home. I am going to go sit very close to the hubs and enjoy him maybe a sweet make out session leading to some heavy petting and grinding on each other then stripping our clothes off is in order for later. I like going out on a Saturday nights, but I also enjoy being home to have those kind of moments with the hubs! Love that guy! So you go and do the same. Enjoy your lover, start with a hug and then kiss …you know the kind that ends in sex!