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The Boy’s team played hard today in their “Pee Wee Cup” They scored the winning touchdown with 7 or so seconds to go and then it was called back by a phantom block in the back penalty. They lost by 1 point. They did such a great job! Our team were the underdogs in size and experience but not in heart. They played with a lot of heart, left it all on the field and we could not ask for more from this team!

WeEither win or learn can all learn lessons from the way these boys played today. Stepped it up and checked in, DID THEIR BEST. They played big, bigger than actually are (does this sound familiar?). If you could measure score with heart we would have 100 points! I could not be prouder of our team. The coaches were amazing today too. They even threw in a play for the boys that they have asked for that they saw on YouTube (it didn’t work, I wouldn’t suggest it to be used again, but the boys were so excited to be able to use it.) The coaches really called a good game! Our sidelines (parents) even got into the game. At one point the ref said he couldn’t hear the coach call a time out because our sidelines were so loud! (That’s how I like it!) All in all it was a fun game to watch. Our boys played well and the other team did too.

I am going to try to apply today’s lesson to my life. Put it all out there! Do what you know how to do to get your job done and do it right and do it well! We all know our assignments, be it deadlines at work, marketing our business or serving food or making drinks or cleaning our house, planning the weeks meals or scrubbing toilets, do your best. Do everything with all your heart! Sometimes the grind at work is hard and we don’t end the day getting a trophy so it is hard to feel accomplished. Sometimes, we just end up not winning, but as you lay your head down on your pillow at night we need to be able to say to our self I did everything I could to win, and learn from what you didn’t do right and prepare to do it right tomorrow. Everyday you either win or you learn. Take those lessons and tomorrow use your heart and do it with all your heart and build on those lessons and in the end you will win!