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Quadruple Overtime! We lost 6-12!  These boys are turning I to great football players and just come up short every week! I love the heart in this team!


I would love to see a win soon, as well! But I am proud of our team! Quadruple OT?! Most of them are at a sleepover, including The Boy, those parents are going to get luck out because I bet those boys are going to sleep well!!! The game lasted 2 1/2 hours! They played hard and were tough left it all out there! Great job!

Now the Boy, as I menetioned, is at a sleepover for a birthday party, the Girl is with her friend at Grandma’s so the Hubs and I are going to go out for cocktails and then have a kid free night! We all know what that means! Sex anywhere and in multiple rules! Good night folks have fun 😉