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Happy Monday!

For me, today was pretty good (and I needed a good day!). You all know I have been struggling with this whole working mom thing. Today was a day off from school which helps not having to rush around and get kids ready for school and then no kids to pick up and get to dance and practice ect. But, today I felt like a good mom. I had two massage appointments today, one at 8:30 and one at 1:00. I came home in between and watched a movie with The Boy, The Girl came home from a friends house shortly after. Then I went back to work for my afternoon appointment, then took The Boy to Orthodontist which took too long for the kids and I to catch a movie but The Boy got a call from a friend to come over for a bit, so The Girl and I went out to dinner together. I had some moments to connect with the kids. It was nice and relaxing, I so needed that! I am sure there were some things I could have done (organize the pantry, grocery shop, meal plan ect) but I really needed some down time especially with the kids. And I am blogging now so it will be done before The Hubs gets done teaching his class and I will get ready for him to come home and have some ‘down time’ with him tonight too (or should I say ‘up time’?)Monday Be Awesome

Anyway, I had a rough time getting up this morning. I need to work on a schedule. I am going to try to get my workouts in first thing in the morning starting tomorrow. I will get up with The Hubs and make him and myself a healthy breakfast then get my workout done before the kids get up. I will need to get up at about 5:30 or 6:00 for that. Depending on the time the Hubs has to leave for work. I will workout before breakfast if he leaves later and if he leaves earlier I will work out after breakfast. I will also add in Shakeology at least once a day! That is what I am working on this week. I am also going to focus on getting enough water. I know they say to do only one thing at a time but I really need to do more, right now! I have put off self care for so long! So first thing is getting in the workout and scheduling my life!

Life is hard, Mondays are hard. Working and supporting a family is hard! We all need moral support, and physical support sometimes and financial support! It is important for us to take care of ourselves and I am trying to do my best to take care of me starting this week with schedule! What do you need to work on for self care? Try not to take on too much all at once. Put in the work and make sacrifices but don’t lose yourself! As it has said on my business cards since I started doing massage 16 years ago “Take the Time to Take Care of Yourself”. Don’t forget about you!

Have a great night folks!