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Going on. Field trip with The Boy’s class! I am sitting 4 rows from the back right on front of The Boy and two of his buddies (both are on his football team, actually the two seats behind me are all Wolfpack Football players!)


I think this pic pretty much explains it. Noisy might be an understatement! But these kids even though loud are pretty good kids!

We are going to a pioneer farm hopefully we won’t lose anyone. They get to do Blacksmithing and play with fire and stuff…hopefully no one will get burned or lose a finger and no one will get lost

I usually post this for Feild trips


Anyway, it is lunch right now and going pretty well. It is interesting the different perspective that I get chaperoning with The Boy. The Girl went on this field trip in 4th grade as well. It has been fun!

We just did Native American side now after lunch we go to the pioneer side time to get back to it!