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Still, even as our team is not doing the best and coming off a 2-4 start to the season, and back to back 4th quarter melt downs. I still have confidence in my team. It is early in the season still. No need to panic.

Feel free bandwagoners who can’t take it to jump or or exit now but this girl will always be a Seahawks fan and will always look at the good stuff they do.

I love football. I love the Seahawks. I love the time I get with my husband at games (especially since I have been working all the away games). I love what football has meant in my life and my relationship. It is all bigger than just a game. Football is a big part of my life and I will continue to cherish every moment, win or lose! I will always be a crazy screaming on defense, Jersey wearing, eternally representing Blue Friday and will forever have more Seahawks gear than shoes, Season ticket holding, early ferry riding kind of fan!

Sad for the loss but I am one oh so happy girl today because today was a football day!