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The Hubs gets me, and yesterday was a moment I realized it! I don’t think he knows how much it meant to me! So yesterday I got to cook for friends who came over to watch football! We had friends over for the football game. If you read daily you already know this. This morning as I cleaned the kitchen I couldn’t have been more happy. I love having people over. I don’t mind the extra work I love feeding my friends and sharing time together and chatting. I don’t even mind the mess after ward. I just love to entertain. The Hubs however, does not exactly share those feelings. But he gave me quite a gift yesterday. He invited people over. Coaches from football and their kids. He does not usually do that. Usually I take the lead first I make sure he is okay with it (which he usually is) and then I invite the guests. He invited people over all on his own and he even told me “I know how you like having people over.” He does not. He would rather watch not fuss, just watch the game if people are their cool but he just as happy just the two of us, not that he does not like having people over he just couldn’t care less one way or the other. But he knows how much I like it. And that is why he organized a little gathering.

you get meYou see folks my husband will be there for me no matter what, he usually needs me to tell him what I need. But he will do what ever it is I ask. If I tell him “I want you to ______” he will do that, but usually not if I don’t ask. He knows that for football I go all out. Last night I made wings and pigs in a blanket. Had a spread of cookies, skittles, chips and dip. For like 5 people, but I got to do it and I loved that! It made my heart happy! He knows what makes me happy and usually he sits back and lets me have the parties and do the entertaining but this time he took the lead. It just really meant a lot to me. Moments like those I like to notice him and tell him I notice him noticing me and know what I like and needed to make my night!

So tonight friends, think about what makes your heart happy! Are you doing it? Does your spouse know what it is? Are they supporting you in it? Are they making arrangements for you to do it? If not communicate. No one knows if you don’t tell them. I told the Hubs this morning how much I appreciated him for that last night! You have got to speak up. Reward your spouse with lots of thank yous and acknowledgements when they do something for you that shows you they really “get you” We all need happy hearts! Some people take a lot more communications than just subtle or not so subtle hints. I can really see my husband breaking out and making an effort to really support me and letting me have those happy heart moments. I love him for it. I try to do the same for him. His happy heart moments are different.

Usually we do for the other what we would want them to do for us. Which is fine, but it might not mean as much for them as it does for us so step out of your comfort Zone and check out what your spouse wants. If you are having a hard time try to remember when they did something for you that they thought was really special and you kind of just were like “Eh, it’s cool but…” that may be something that you can try to turn the tables and do something similar for them and they will be like “Wow! You made my day!”

Here’s to happy hearting your lover, and better understand him or her. It means a lot to finally feel like they “get you”. Good luck! Have a great night folks!

I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!! And I miss him I am at a dance convention with the girl he is at home to be ready for football tomorrow. We will reunite and join one another there tomorrow, it’s just one night, I can manage…