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So today was our Pee Wee Football team’s last game! Our season has been rough. We had a team with a lot of beginners and they really exceeded my expectations. They were a better team than the record showed.


Today’s game we won 24-0. The Boy played out of his mind! He was amazing! I am so proud of him. He had 3 forced fumbles, recovered 2 of them, sacked the QB, multiple tackles for losses. The boy has done all of this all season but today it was a stand out day! A great way to end the season.

It was a team win. A lot of boys played well. They were doing well on all fronts! It is funny how the team starts playing really well at the end of the season (well not that funny, these are 8 & 9 year olds they take some time to gel together and learn new things)! This team made me proud. We may not have got a trophy this year, but we made a lot of football players better and that is what I am most proud of these coaches for!

I started my day this morning driving an hour plus from the dance convention the Girl is at for the game and now we are driving back down to dance convention where the Girl is! I hear she is doing great dancing. So the reports from other parents say. The day has been a long day for me but was so worth it, being able to watch the boy play, especially today as great as he played!

I am looking forward to some fun tonight at the water park and then tomorrow. The girl has more dance and is done at 4:00 so we will be staying late to get some more play time in the water! The kids should have fun sleeping in out theme hotel room with bunk beds! It’s going to be great!