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We are driving home tonight from Great Wolf Lodge! It was the site of The Girl’s dance convention this weekend. Overall this weekend was fun. I got to watch the Girl dance and The Boy play football. The boys team won! It was a great game I am glad I got to go! At dance conventions they charge parents to watch, the observer fee is $40 for the weekend so I didn’t purchase that this year knowing that I was going to miss Saturday an have the Boy and The Hubs there it wasn’t worth it. But I did decide to purchase the observer pass for dance down, so I at least got to watch her dance on stage.

Dance Down is where they perform the routines, that they learned during classes all weekend, for the judges. Then the judges select their favorites. The Girl made it through the first round but did not make it to finals. She did awesome though! Best dance down performance I have seen her do!

The Boy and The Hubs and I played in the water park all day. We met up with the friends one kid was pulling us up on the slides one right after another! My legs are tired from those stairs! The Boy and The Hubs just got tired of the water park! I got break for an hour or so to watch Dance Down.

As I said we are driving back the Hubs has to drive the rest of us can chill so he usually wants to leave before us. Those kinds of weekends are not really his thing. He does try to have fun and support our kids like spirit. He knows when we should head home. He is good at thinking out how long the drive is, how much time it will take to unpack the car and what time it will be when we get home. Glad we left when we did because there was an accident on the way home so we are taking the back roads scenic route (in the dark).

All in all for me it was a good weekend. There was a little more stress and drama that I don’t want to talk about but overall was a good weekend. Any weekend I can watch the Boy play Football and The Girl Dance I am happy. Now to head home and offer up some butt sex for the Hubs so he can also count it as a good weekend! (Yes I said that. Yes mean it. Yes, I know what my husband likes and what makes him happy.) Enjoy the last few minutes of this weekend everyone!