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Happy Hump Day! If you read everyday you know I have had a but if a stressful week. I have a himo day challenge for you, pick nits and comb bugs out of your off spring’s hair then ask you spouse to do the same to your hair and then get turned on and fuck like animals… Sounds sexy right? Yeah, that is similar to my day, I may have over dramatized that.  The Girl has nits that needed to complete out of her hair, so learned the literal form of the phrase “nit picking” today. The school nurse found about 6 or so in my hair, which makes sense due to the fact that we only found one bug. Still none on the boy! Yay!

Anyway….back to Hump Day. I am going to my trusty 365 Sex Moves book that you can purchase in my Amazon store on this page. Today is day 301 and the move today is super sensual, sultry and intimate! It’s called ‘Lost In You’ the man (of first partner) sits on the bed with his lthis bent and slightly open. The female sits in between his legs and straddles him and makes herself


comfortable. They are in perfect position to make eye contact make out, talk have sexy dirty talk staring into each others eyes. I love this type of sexual position. I like the connection you feel with your partner!

Now go down and get lost in eachother! You don’t have to stay in this position the whole time but play with it. The speed and rhythm rocking forward and back with the hips vs bouncing or lifting up and down the shaft of the penis with your drippy wet pussy. Give eachother sloppy wet kisses, men this puts her nipples right there, suck on them and lick them. As always have fun with your partner! Grind in that ladies!