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Happy Halloween!!! We just got back from Trick or Treating with the kids and their friends. They hauled in full buckets of candy tonight, we walked just a little over 2 miles, on the loop we live on. They had a good time! They are sorting their candy now. It’s funny how they sorted their candy. The Girl has three piles, actually 4, Fruity stuff, Chocolate stuff, Peanut and Penut butter stuff and Stuff she doesn’t like. The Boy however went a different route. He sorted everything in piles of the same he has an M&M pile, a Starburst pile, a Jawbreaker pile, Lollipop pile ect…


He also has a “for daddy pile” which is everything that has peanut and peanut butter since he is allergic. It’s funny and curious the way they so differently sorted their candy. They are both different personalities and I bet there is some personality trait we could predict or determine with this observation. It’s just interesting to me.

Anyway hope you are all having a great day and enjoy the little gouls and goblins in you neighborhood! The Hubs and I are heading out to an 80’s party tonight! I have leg warmers, giant hair and blue eye shadow ready for this party!