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I am tired! I had to work at the bartending job today for the Seahawks game. Boo! I hate working on weekends and especially hate working during the Seahawks game! The Seahawks won, YAY!


The Hubs and I had our ceremonial pregame sex ritual and it obviously worked! So, from now on we will make that happen before every game. (It’s only weird if it doesn’t work!)

I’m tired, I just finished making dinner and just about fell asleep eating dinner while watching Sunday Night Football. The leftovers are put away but there are dishes that need to be done (even those from breakfast) and cleaning of countertops ect but I don’t want to do it! I have already kicked my ass working today and I made breakfast and dinner! They can wait until tomorrow (unless I get a random sport of energy) I am done “working ” today. So that means I am done writing too! So have a good night everyone!

Go Hawks!!!