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Well happy Sunday folks! Today was a work day for me! But luckily I only had to work 5 hours at the bar, I even got to watch the Touchdown Montage on RedZone! Was so happy about that! First time all year! Then we ran out and did some family errands!

I am thinking about my week next week. I am trying to get organized in life and I am trying to be focused. I am also trying to fit in exercise with my two jobs and pay attention to nutrition and keep an organized clean house. I am wanting to meal plan and be ready, when I am hungry, to eat healthy food. I keep contemplating another “dry month” I lost 10 pound last time I did that! I just need to focus and decide. I spend so much time planning to “plan” that I never actually get to the planning stage. So here is my first attempt:
Tomorrow wake up at 5:30 make lunch and Breakfast for the Hubs before he goes off to work by 6:15 or 6:30. 6:30-7:30 workout {wait, I have to get the kids up before 7:00}


Attempt #2: maybe I need to wake up and workout at 5:00 make breakfast and lunch for The Hubs at 6:00 send him to work by 6:30. Wake up kids at 6:45 and get them to start showering. Make them breakfast and help them with lunches for school get them off to school by 8:10. Shower and get ready myself at 8:10-9:10 leave for work by 9:30 (9:40 at latest) first massage at 10:00am….

Now before I started that I thought I would have time to meal plan before work. But after writing that out I realize that is not possible…and that is if I stay on task and focused I will get everything done and be in time for work. Tomorrow night after work I have some tasks for PeeWees to get done and I have dance. Tuesday is my designate cleaning day so maybe I can schedule that time to meal plan then…

Gotta keep trying but not let the days get away from me! I can do this!!!! By this I mean be organized, workout, eat healthy, have a clean house and be “on top of it.” I can do this, can’t I?