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Happy Hump Day! Yes, it’s late but at least it’s here!!! First let me start with a GIANT Thank you to all the Veteran’s who have served and are serving our country in military service, and those who are signed up ready to serve and those who may in the future! Your sacrifice has lead to and preserved our freedom! And extend that thank you the families of all the Veteran’s as they have dealt with so much!

Today’s Hump Day Challenge is called Favorite Things.


It is simple but can be added to with incorporating some favorite things as props into your session! Tonight you will learn about your lover by asking some of his/her favorites. You may know these things so if you do go back to childhood favorites or some other time in life. Ask him his favorite color, favorite animal, favorite food (get creative but really this can be any type of favorite thing question). If you want incorporate eating her favorite food and cuddling his favorite blanket or wearing his favorite shirt. As you ask and answer questions get more personal. What is your favorite article of clothing (take it off now). What is his favorite body part, what is her favorite spot to be licked, his favorite place to be touched, then what is her favorite sex position, favorite sex act with you. As you ask these questions do it. Lick that favorite spot, touch that favorite area, perform that favorite sex act in the favorite position…ect ect ect. You know the drill right?

As you learn to get close emotionally and spark that conversation you will feel more intimate. Your lover will appreciate you learning more about him/her. Dr John Gottman calls this “Turning Towards” in his book The 7 Principals For Making Marriage Work.  It will spark an intellectual conversation and will draw you closer. Adding the sexual questions is a cheap way to make a Hump Day Challenge out of a valuable relationship conversation. Take turns asking questions. Be playful an let it go sexually but, don’t force it. This will take some time so make sure you give yourself time to do the relationship building/Intellectual part and then develop past that to the sexual exchange.

As always do what is comfortable for you both! Make sure your partner is on board taking it sexual at some point t don’t capture them to sit and co verse and all of a sudden attack with sexual innuendo that they did not expect or want. I have told you before that there have been times that the only thing keeping the Hubs and I together is good sex so hopefully this will help you build your relationships and good sex! It has helped us as we continue to work on “us”. It is a constant effort to stay happy in marriage. It’s worth it!

Go have some fun learn more about your partner and fuck in your favorite way!