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quotes-life20Life is a gift. The people in our life are gifts. Stop taking your life for granted and live in the moment and enjoy it. Tomorrow is not promised and will be different. Enjoy tomorrow too, but don’t forget about today in thinking, dreaming or worrying about tomorrow. Today, right now, is the only thing promised. Live in this moment and take it all in!

We get caught up in planning and logistics and forget to enjoy life. We are all doing a lot, there is a lot on our plates we have to cook meals, clean house, go to work, call clients, follow up on that go to the doctor, exercise, eat right pick up the kids from practice coach their team. So much to do such a long list! But there are so many moments that if you blink you will never get back. Stop being sad these moments are passing, start enjoying them. Live in the moment love and laugh and just be in that moment!