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OMG I feel so much better today!!!! Thank God!!!!! I just got done working my 5 hour shift at the bar and before that I gave 4 massages! I even got a few dishes washed at home! I am so glad I feel better! Time to refocus and take care of myself a bit better! Got well just in time for Friday!


It’s Friday I am feeling antsy like I want to get out and dance tonight. I guess being kind of couped up and sick will do that for you! Tomorrow is a big day though. Gear check in for football! The second biggest day of the year for my role as equipment manager so better take it a bit easy tonight. Then tomorrow night a benefit concert to go to.

I am sitting in my car letting it defog and warm up before I go home to squeeze on my family! Have an awesome night and be appreciative for you health friends. It sucks when you don’t have it. When you do you are blessed!