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Today I woke up feeling worse than the rest of the week! What the fuck?! Seriously I have taken two days off and I should be feeling better! But, no!

The Girl said I HAD to go to the doctor today! She said “Mommy, you need to get better, NOW!” So I told her I would go to Urgent Care then she started crying. We were laying in my bed I had yet to get up and I wanted to cry because I felt so crappy. What the Heck? “Why are you crying?” I inquired to her. She said she didn’t know. Then after a few minutes she said “maybe, I just don’t want you to have to have a surgery” well, little does she know that’s not how you have surgery. LOL it was sweet that she was concerned and touched my heart to see her so worked up over me not being 100%. It broke my heart to see her crying out of worrying about me. So I decided I must go now. If she came home from school and I told her I didn’t go to the doctor she would be so upset, then if it was something then she would be even more mad!

Doctor said it’s a Virus! FUCK!!! That means I just wasted my time driving out here waiting then driving back home to be told rest and wait it out!


I guess there is something calming about knowing I don’t have pneumonia or something bronchial that can’t heal on its own. However, had I not gone to the doctors I would have gotten more rest.

So here I sit after coming home taking a nap and then going through with some errands, actually volunteer work for football, I love being equipment manager this weekend is football gear check in and tonight I got there to realize that the clubhouse has flooded! UGH, more work, I love being equipment manager, no, really I do. If I didn’t enjoy it I would not do it, it is just a lot of time and work…did I mention unpaid even while sick! Anyway we are closer to being ready than we would be if I hadn’t gone in.

Now I need to rest. I am hoping to get up in the morning batteries charged and ready to face my 4 massage day. The Doc O work for said to assess myself that I feel good and am 100%. He made a good point “if you look like poop and feel like poop, your clients will see that you are not up to par” basically saying don’t come in sick. It is important to always put your best foot forward! And if you can’t stay home to get well! So I am going to do that. Turn off the phone lay head on pillow and get your rest, Ruby! Your body needs to heal and can’t when you burn the candle at both ends! So good night folks.