So when I said we were going to take advantage of a kid free night…yeah, we really did! We over slept our normal Seahawks ferry time and were late late! But the Seahawks won so no harm there! We had friends come over “after hours” and sit in the hot tub. We had a great time last night. Chilling and relaxing in the hot tub! I just now am feeling it. Apparently there’s a gigantic bruise on my back…

I do feel sore. And I have a bruised ego more than anything! I was sitting in the hot tub and got hot so I was going to sit up on the edge to cool off. Then I decided I wanted to get out. Apparently I didn’t get my feet out and fell backwards on our concrete patio…about 3 feet or down to the ground!

Now, let me tell you falling out of your hot tub at 3(ish) AM does not make you feel super proud of yourself! All I remember is laying on the ground looking up at The Hubs. Nothing makes you feel more stupid than laying on you back naked on the ground after falling out of your own hot tub! OK maybe waking up tomorrow morning might! Not one of my proudest moments! But a fun time was had by all and I just need to be a little less clumsy these days! Between falling down stairs a few days ago, this and being sick last week I feel fragile to say the least!

At least the Seahawk’s won today! It was a much needed win!