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Most of you know I am the equipment manager for the pee wee league. This last weekend was gear check in. This is my third year doing gear check out and check in! I met up with families today that didn’t make it to turn in their gear on Saturday. The last two years I have had to follow up with families well into December to get the stragglers. I don’t know if I am just earning the respect of the families in the league and they are getting everything turned in or if the fact that I publish the gear check in day on gear check out day or if they just don’t want me to cash their deposit checks or what! Whatever it is…I don’t care it is working!

Experience pays offIt has been a rough season. I have spent a lot of hours trying to get everyone all that they need in regards for gear and it has been a struggle since I took on two jobs this year vs no jobs last year. I am so happy and cannot express how excited and accomplished I feel. I know it is just gear but it is shoulder pads, helmets, practice pants, game pants, knee pads, belts girdles….. for 250 or so players! It is not exactly and easy task! Yay me! Great job SKPW! Also, the equipment is more organized than ever! I am so thankful for my husband’s help. I tell him, I want this organized or this year I want you on helmets. We had some coaches, some parents, not too many people but very quality people and I was so happy that they were all there! (I am pretty sure none of them read my blog but I want to give them credit, they were awesome!)

I had amazing help, great organization and the last few years have tweaked with a few things and that really made the difference! So for a second I am going to again just say “Yay Me”! Was a great way to end it (not that the work is done inventory needs to happen and I have to track down a few coaches to get their gear) but really Monday after gear check out I can say I have it all! Yay Me! Now to enjoy the volunteer banquet this year!

Now time to get ready in the house for Thanksgiving… Got a lot of work to do if only it could be so easy as Gear Check In was this weekend!