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Hello Saturday! We have almost nothing scheduled. The Hub’s and his buddies played their turkey bowl today. I normally like to go and watch and see the guys but I decided to be more responsible and stay home and clean. My house needed some time from me cleaning. It still needs more but my attention span is over it. I still have to put a ton of laundry away. Maybe I can get the hubs to help with that!

This is going to sound weird but it was actually nice to get some time to clean up my kitchen and my house. All I did was dishes wipe down counter tops and dinning room table ect. I have a couple piles of paperwork to go through but it was nice to be cleaning I enjoyed the homemaker feeling again. Then I got sad that I don’t have more time to do that stuff. I enjoy the extra money I make working my two jobs but I wish, schedule wise, I had more freedom or could figure out how to better to manage my time!

Being super busy does not help. Every weekend we have stuff to do. Today is abnormal that we have nothing planned. Next weekend is show weekend and also a banquet for football volunteers that I have been very involved in organizing and they are on the same night! Shit! How am going to be two places at once? I guess I will be late to the banquet and hopefully there will still be peopleAlways compete be better there that I want to see and that there will still be food there! The event runs 5-11 and the show starts at 6 and I think it is supposed to be an hour and a half. So I am thinking we could probably get to the banquet by 8:30 or 9:00. Then Saturday we have a bazaar fundraiser that I am supposed to be sewing some hand warmer covers to sell for fundraising for dance but I think this year we will skip it. Our fundraiser for dance is me working two jobs! But I like doing crafty things so it is sad that I don’t really have time for it right now.

Anyway I am enjoying this down time I have today. I love being busy but I also love being able to fill my time with cleaning when I want to or crafting when I’d like to. I miss making cakes for everyone’s birthdays too. But I have to say is I am happy to be able to help financially with the family maybe one day I will be an owner and can hire people to work for me and then maybe, work less and do more of what I want… that will probably retirement! I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, I am not! I love my life. I love my family. We all should be happy where we are and do our best to be where we want to be but in the meantime love the life we have. I love my work, I love being busy, I love being able to have my daughter in dance, my son active, have season tickets and nope have to worry if we can afford new shoes. I do still take the time for myself to dance and enjoy life (I, like most people, should probably take more time for self care). Life is good! That doesn’t mean I want some things to be different or better. It’s that ‘Always Compete’ motto in life there is always room for improvement, never settle but always work hard to be better!