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What a fun day! Today was the tree lighting festival in our town! The Girl’s dance team always performs at it. Their studio is down on the Main Street through downtown and they have giant windows in the front studio. So they perform in their studio and we watch from the sidewalk outside. It’s like watching them in a snow globe. It is a fun performance! So we got to see her dance twice today!

The boy started winter baseball camp this morning too! He was very excited to get up early on a Saturday and go play baseball. He and I were going to do the Jingle Bell 5k but when he was going to baseball it was so rainy be decided he didn’t want to. Which I was glad because I had a late night and a rough morning!

We had the volunteer banquet for Pee Wee Football. It was a lot of fun. It got over at 11 and then we went to one of the coach’s house for an after party. They have a fire pit so we sat around the fire and told stories and laughed…. and drank…

It was a blast but like I said made waking up this morning a bit rough and I needed Alieve! I basically lost my motivation to go running not to mention I needed to clean the house as we are having people over for the game tomorrow. Seahawk’s Party!!!! I used the running time to nap! I know bad excuse but, I needed to take care of myself and not beat myself up about it! I did need some time to relax!

I will get back into running and do races again, soon! Just as soon as I get a handle on life. With work and kids and husband responsibilities it has been rough for me to get a handle on balance and house work and scheduling exercise healthy eating and sometimes even grocery shopping! I was feeling like I almost got a handle on how to be a stay at home mom/homemaker, but still didn’t have it.


And now, I am trying to figure out this whole working mom/homemaker thing and I have no fucking idea!!! I am trying I know I need to make better plans and schedules but when do I have time to plan out and schedule that planning time? One of these days I will get it… Or the kids will graduate or we will retire…it might take me that long!

I just got a breakfast casserole put it in the crock pot for tomorrow’s early game. Now I am going to go snuggle my husband and we have our ritual pregame sex to do and some more cleaning to do and he is sleeping through the F1 race on DVR that we were watching…. Oh well he needs a nap before we get it on!