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“A massage therapist who cannot budget adequate time for her own relaxation, rest, and fun may be a poor example for a client who struggles with over commitment and poor self-care. It is not enough to say, “Do as I say, not do as I do.” A massage therapist must be a model of healthy choices regarding self-care.”

I just read an article about massage and PTSD. This quote jumped out at me and reaffirms that I need to practice what I preach. Teaching Self Care has always been a big part of my massage practice. I would love to work with clients who have and are struggling with PTSD from former Military or formerly abused or traumatized by car accidents or work injuries. It has been passion on my heart recently. These patients need me to be 100% into their massage. I can’t go in tired of stressed about work, or home, or money, or anything that all has to stay outside. Which is why I need to be on top of my self care game. It is hard to serve from an empty vessel.


I am having a chat with my boss about getting a raise so the need for me to work two jobs will be decreased. My family and time with them is very important to me and working the bar job puts quite a hindrance on that. I went back to work to pay for a car that we need and the Hubs really wants. I am pretty sure even without the bar job we could cover that right now, however with the bar job we have a good cushion for extra expenditures and don’t really have to be as “careful” with our spending. But self care and family time is more important!

Also in this quote, it talks about having time for fun and relaxation as a part of self care. I miss having time to run or go to the gym. I use my running time for thinking and clearing my head and managing my ADD. I haven’t fit that in since I have been so busy… Well, kind of with my blog but even time for that has been interfered with since I started working. Then, there is sleep and quality family time. I need to only work one job. I may be able to squeeze in one late night shift that starts after bedtime at the bar…maybe….

Anyway…I have a lot to do on this Tuesday ‘no schedule’ day, house cleaning, some BNI stuff, meal planning and even Grocery shopping… I want to make today very productive and I am feeling motivated!