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So I chatted with the boss the other day, I did get a bit of a raise and reassurance that my schedule will continue to be full and was told I am still his favorite! So with all the air cleared and knowing that I am a good therapist and  worthy of being a leader of this Massage team, why do I still feel insecure when he posted a picture of the new LMP on Facebook announcing her arrival? I don’t understand where this insecurity is coming from! It is not weird though I am insecure about everything! 


I am working on that! I try to fake myself through those insecure moments. I get them with the Hubs too! I have to remind myself that I am a good massage therapist, a good wife, a good bartender, and a good mom even on days when I know I really fucked up! You never should doubt yourself, ever! I need to say that to myself “I never should doubt myself” Always do your best. If you are always doing your best even if someone surpasses you you have no need to feel down about yourself! As they say, leave it all on the field, always!!!!

You don’t have to believe everything you think! Just remind yourself of the good stuff and keep yourself in check.