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Happy Friday! It was slightly blissful in that I worked my massage job had 4 appointments then did not have to work the bar job! That was the bliss part. However, the Boy came home sick from school and my in-laws came over (unannounced) so my tired self had to throw together a dinner suitable for in laws! Luckily I cleaned the kitchen and washed all dishes and picked up the house yesterday just because so my house was actually Mother-in-law clean.


One thing I can’t stand is feeling like people in my life treat me or think of me as “not good enough” and I usually get that feeling around my MIL. It sucks. It’s all part of my insecurities, similar to what I was writing about yesterday! I just want to feel like I am master of what I do. I know that I know my kids and how to treat them and require them to be responsible for certain things. But when someone else with a stronger personality gets around (like my MIL) I clam up and question myself as if I have no clue WTF I am doing?! Why do I do that? It’s annoying.

What I need to do is trust myself! Be confident in what I know and trust my instincts! I am good. I was chosen to be The Hub’s wife for a reason. I was chosen to be The Girl’s Mom and The Boy’s Mom for a reason! Even the Boy had my back earlier. Every now and then he supports and trusts me when it counts or I need it, the Hubs does too and The Girl is always there for me. Part of taking care of myself is trusting and having confidence in myself! I can do this, I am good!

I am good!