Today was Winterfest! The Girls dance team performed at Winterfest in the Seattle Center! The Girl and I road over with my sister and another dancer and her mom. The Boy and The Hubs met up with us after the Boy did baseball camp this AM. So glad the Boy is feeling better since he had a fever last night. It is always a blast tobsee her perform on stage and to give her a chance to perform in Seattle in front of a bunch of strangers! She said there are a lot of people watching!

Winterfest is a tradition that we do every year (because of dance). Well every year except when it happens to be on a Seahawk’s game Sunday! I love Christmas traditions.

I grew up with my family Christmas tradition being Christmas Eve we out up the Christmas tree. We had an open house where lots of family and friends would


come over and help decorate the tree and eat food we only would eat on Christmas! It was a great time and I miss those moments. That’s probably what set me up to love entertaining and being with friends and family at gatherings.

Our friend group has dispersed a lot lately! I miss them and our gatherings. Staying up to wake up the sun and laughing and Kate might Rock Band and cooking snacks and all the things we all used to do. But life changes and the Holidays are a time to rekindle your connections that life has got too busy for! That is a wish that I have for Christmas this year, Santa are you listening?