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Today. Today was just a day! Nothing exciting to speak of but just a day. 4 massage appointments, girl to dance and the Boy stayed home took a nap when we got back from taking the Girl to dance. He slept for about an hour and a half to two hours then sat on the couch not moving the rest of the night.

This morning when we were all getting ready for the day. As I said I worked a full day so I was getting ready at the same time as the kids (I have not mastered getting up early to get ready first, I’m working on it don’t judge me!) The Boy wasn’t feeling well. This weekend he was sick came home Friday from school with a fever but was feeling well enough to go to baseball camp Saturday not well enough for a sleepover. Had some down time yesterday at Grandna’s while the rest of the Grand kids were Decorating cookies he watched TV. Went to bed after gargling with salt water. He slept all night but did wake up not feeling super well. However, we all got ready to go as normal. He normally is a slow mover in the morning, wish I had a better routine to help him out more but I don’t! Well, about 5-10 minutes before we leave he is crying to the point that he can’t talk. He finally got out that his throat hurts to swallow (flash backs to when I was sick two weeks ago). I have one full day scheduled at work this week, I can’t really afford to cancel my one whole day, so I kind of pushed him I to going to school. I was worried about him but I was thinking he may be being a little over dramatic about it. He had no fever so I had just decided that he needed to tough it out and go to school.

I did feel major mom guilt about that! I want to do what is best for my kiddos! Sometimes the things that hurt our mommy hearts the most are what’s best for them in that moment. The Boy made it the whole day at school. When he got home he was mopey, sad and still not feeling well. He skipped practice tonight and went to bed. He took a long nap and got up for about three hours and just went back to bed at 9:00. We snuggled on the couch which was awesome for me. You don’t get a very active 9 year old boy to snuggle you that often. So that helped my mommy heart feel much better! When I was sick my 4th day of being sick I felt much worse and this was his 4th day so maybe this will mean tomorrow he is feeling better!

I struggle every single time deciding if the kids are really sick or being dramatic and need to stay home or need to tough it out. That has not changed since I went back to work verses when I was a stay at home mom! So moral of today’s story is Working Moms and Stay at Home Moms neither have an advantage when it come to second guessing yourselves. No one is perfect. Go with your gut. Follow guidelines of fevers and sickness but sometimes you just have to tough it out and sometimes wjatbhurts us the most is the best thing for them. Whether it is spending the day with a babysitter for on a mat in the corner of your office (if you can manage that) or you canceling your clients for the day. Being a mom is tough. There are tough decisions we all have to make. Let’s give ourselves some grace and patience when it comes to making these decisions. Let’s also give each other understanding of the other side of the equation of Momming (Working vs Stay at Home). We are all in this together raising the next generation, let’s raise them up to respect is for making the tough decisions!