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So this week in school The Girl has been doing the “growth and human development” lessons, aka sex ed type stuff. Everyday this week she has come home grossed out. The other day she was telling me that they learned about “sperms” and that was gross. She even mentioned fore skin in the things they had talked about that kind of confused her. Then she asked about how to having a period and that she needed to have an emergency pad kit in her back pack. As we talked, I became more and more confident that I can answer all of her questions. I am pretty much and expert at being a woman and I can empower The Girl to be a confident woman too.

I want her to have all this information and to know that she can talk to me about things and I will talk to her without making it weird. My mom never made me feel that way. She was uncomfortable with everything (I think she still is). I hid my period from my mom for months before I told her. I just couldn’t figure out what to say or how to tell her. I started shaving my legs in 7th grade as well and hid that from her. We talked about when I started. I told her how I had irregular periods growing up so if she has the same issues she can tell me. birdsandbeesNow she knows what to expect and what not to expect. She is as the Hubs said “empowered” as am I.  This is one thing I feel confident about and that is a new feeling for me.

Today in class  she told me they talked about babies.  I asked if they taught her how the egg gets fertilized and what makes babies. She said yes but she didn’t want to say “the word”. I asked her if she meant the word “sex”, she said “yes, that’s an adult word” and refused to use it. She was not short on the use of the word “gross”.  Then I asked if they had taught her about STDs or Birth Control. She said no. Which kind of surprised me. If you are teaching children what sex is, and what makes babies, wouldn’t you at least mention that there is a such thing as birth control and STDs? I briefly explain what condoms are and that they go on the penis to prevent the “sperm” from entering the woman’s body. I also briefly explained that Birth Control is fairly new in the history of people and sex and that it makes the uterus inhabitable for pregnancy. I said there were many forms of birth control and I also included the fact that I was taking birth control when I got pregnant with The Boy.

I felt very satisfied with myself. I pretty much killed it in this talk. She is informed, she knows I will be there to talk to her and her friends if they ever have questions. I hope that I will be that mom that she can confide in and that her friends who can’t talk to their parents can come talk to me. Having a blog about sex this year may have helped me feel more confident about saying certain words and talking about it, but more than anything I think just being a woman was the biggest thing. Also knowing what it felt like to have questions and be to afraid to ask what it was as a girl. I don’t want my girl to be afraid of what is going on in her body. I don’t want her to be scared if she needs to tell me that she is having her period for 2 weeks and going through a super absorbency pad every hour because those things need to be addressed and girls need to not feel ashamed of themselves when their body is changing. I was that scared embarrassed girl. I will empower my daughter to take care of herself and be informed. She deserves to know what to expect and how to handle this part of life before she is thrown into the fire. I am ready for the open lines of communication and she is too. Another stage of her life she just keeps growing and moving through life! Holy crap when did this happen?