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Up till 5am last night. Now we are trying tobget the kids packed to go to Grandma’s for 5 days and get ready for a secret trip that they don’t know about for Christmas. We still need to pack, wrap Christmas presents that should be been do e already bit you know me… I am super tired.

We have a Seahawk’s game tomorrow. We will leave here early like at 7am which means get up at 5:30 or 6am! Drive around to the kids’ Great Grandparents then head to the game. Come back to grandparents out kids to bed at an early bedtime and then wake the up at 2am to tell them their surprise!

I am so excited I can hardly take it! I have almost blown it a few times today, the Hubs too! It has been a bit tough getting the kids to seriously pack. Their Grandma’s always have extra of everything…


I have so much to I don’t have time to write too much. I am surviving this evening on a Rockstar and shipping on a Sin-namon Roll Drink (Sinfire and Vanilla Cream Soda). We got invited to a party but will be staying home because we need to do as I stated above Clean Wrap and Pack. And have time to have sex because did I mention we are staying with the In-laws on our trip in their RV.

It feels slightly like Christmas Eve which is when we usually wrap gifts and clean. So Merry Christmas everyone! And to All a good night!