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Well, I got my wish. I got the late shift on Friday nights. Tonight when I got to the bar it was crazy! It was a crazy midshift. When I arrived it was crazy busy. It takes me a while to acclimate to places so as I arrived at work tonight I just felt out of sorts. I think my co-worker who happens to be my favorite doesn’t really enjoy working with me. I am a rookie and she has done this for 20+ years. I try hard and hopefully she will begin to like working with me!

So my Dr that I work for came in tonight to see me in action. I don’t know if he was more impressed with the fact that I did 4 massages today or by my boobs. I wore a nice booby shirt today! He was definitely impressed with me. He brought my favorite receptionist too!

So today I did 4 massages, had some family time, made Mac-n-Cheese, picked up the girl from dance, then went to work bartending and now, I am blogging at 2am! Yep it was that kind of day! And now I am sitting having a drink with my other boss and the Hubs. I am okay with this Friday!