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Seahawks won today’s game! It was a good game. The kids went to their Great Grandma’s house. As we got their age says, “so, have you figured out where you’re going?” They didn’t know they were going anywhere!!!! Leave it to Grandma Great to ruin a good surprise. She is a bit flaky these days, obviously.

Anyway, I have gotten about 6 hours of sleep the last two nights. I am tired. We had a fun full day of football and tonight staying at Grandma Great’s tonight. She lives much closer to the airport than us. We will be waking up at 2am to head to the airport. The kids don’t know for sure what’s up. We are waking them up and going to Disneyland! Getting on a plane and flying there I am so excited but very tired so I am going to make this short!

I plan to video the kids’ reaction to getting up and the news that they’re going to Disneyland! They are not just staying here like they thought. It should be a good surprise! I for one am very excited! But I need to go to bed!

Good night readers, and Merry Christmas!