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We are at Disneyland!!!! We woke the kids up at 2am to get them ready to get on an airplane. They were still not sure they were really going we fibbed quite a lot recently to cover our surprise, which made the kids question our sincerity of our story that we were actually going to Disneyland. Today after we got to Cali, we went to Downtown Disney atr at ESPN Zone (YUM!) and watch the new Star Wars movie. I had a hard time not falling asleep during the movie, not because of the movie but just because of my lack of sleep lately. The movie was good.


Tomorrow we head into Disneyland the actual park! I am excited. I am trying push through the annoyance of being in close quarters with the in laws and the way our kids act with Gma around. Who’s kids are these anyway?! I am determined, despite that drama in my head, we will have fun. I just need to remind myself of the fact that it is not a competition for the children’s love… It is about fun and making memories!

It is time to stop and smell the roses…or stop and admire the sparkles and the decorations and the smells and memories! I have high hopes for this trip I need to just take it and enjoy whatever happens!

I love my family!