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Today was our first day in Disneyland of our Christmas Vacation! We had so much fun! It did rain but hey, we are from Western Washington we are used to the rain! We rode Splash Mountain early and I took the front seat and proceeded tobget my pants soaked! They just got somewhat dry the pockets and seems are still damp! We we there from about 7:30a to 11:30p. We rode Star Tours, Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones twice!

The longest wait was at the Matterhorn a total of 1 hour and that included about 15 minutes for a shut down for a quick repair. While there we spoke with the head Maintenance guy. He told us silly jokes and then after he gave us VIP access to skip the line for Peter Pan and then gave us a front the line pass for anything ride we wanted. It was so sweet what a nice guy he was, Thanks to Jeff!

We had a great day! Loved it all. The kids did awesome! They were well behaved enjoyed themselves, didn’t fight too much. The Hubs really was amazing too! I love it when we can just go with the flow and really be in the moment! Loved it!!!

One of the best Christmas’s ever!