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It is Christmas Eve! Today was our last day in the Disney Parks! {Sad face} we had a blast. It was very memorable. We celebrated Christmas and family and fun together! It was amazing I loved every minute of it. Now, today there were a few more tension filled moments due to lack of sleep and tiredness and lack of proper nutrition and eating habits. But, it was still amazing.


I am so happy we decided to do this trip with the family. I may regret not taking more photos at the perfect photo op stations like the entrance to Disneyland, you know where Mickey’s head is designed in the flowers as you come through the gates. But of that is the only regret I am flying high. I loved how the Hubs just ran with the flow of the last few days! He was the guy I fell in love with! Amazing what the non stress of vacation will do for us!

I can’t say enough of how happy I am with my little family. It does not feel like Christmas Eve tongiht but I have so much love bubbling over it is okay with me. I love Christmas and I believe we got the true meaning of “Christmas” right here. Connecting with each other and just being in the moment to enjoy each other! Gift and presents under the tree don’t bring what we got this week! I am going to bed not waiting or expecting Santa tonight. I am going to bed smiling because what matters is family and love and we have that, we always have we just had to step back and see it and for this I thank the magic of Disneyland!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!