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Well, we have arrived home on Christmas Night. Before we left California we had a nice-ish Christmas dinner (The Hubs normally make prime rib and that is the bomb so that is the reason for the ‘ish’). The flight was fine but The Girls suitcase did not make it down the ramp to baggage claim. So hopefully it will be delivered unharmed tomorrow but if not then we will have to buy her a new wardrobe. I helped pack her  suit case with the extra  stuff she didn’t know she needed. Oh well a shopping trip is in order. There actually are new boots for her under the tree from her Auntie.


My heart is happy. I hope yours is too. If your kids opened gifts and gave you a warm fuzzy feeling I hope it lasts longer than the toys work and get played with and longer than the new clothes fit. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to take the kids to Disneyland for this Christmas! We made memories that will last a lifetime! Christmas is about drawing back to your family. Whatever accomplishes that for you..a church service, gifts or a trip, I say do and do it big! Hug your kids and your parents hard and long. Kiss your partner or spouse and fuck hard and long! Take this moment to reflect and be in it! Live and love to the fullest. Say I love you, out loud, to your family. If you traveled get home safe and take these moments with you and savor these memories!

I look forward to my own bed and pillow and my husband naked beside me and inside me. (Leave it to me to make a sappy Inspirational post about sex.) Merry Christmas everyone!