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The Hubs showed me this video today that he found on Facebook from the Facebook page “I fucking Love Science” that was of a man and woman having sex. There were cameras inside her vagina and on the end of his penis and around the nipples. It was so cool! Here is a link.  http://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/here-s-what-sex-looks-inside-v


Now, am I the only one who wants these cameras? I want to see the inside of my vag with his penis inside me. Don’t laugh, I am not joking! I wonder how much those cameras impeded this couple while they fucked. Did his cock touch the camera? Is it because had a small penis or is the camera just tiny? Another question, is this a real couple or actors? It doesn’t matter but I always wonder these kind of crazy thoughts. (Is that my ADD doing that to me?) How did they get that gig? I want that gig. I want to be a sex scientist!

Anyway I thought this was cool, shout out to I Fucking Love Science Facebook page! Go like them and tell them where you heard of them. And tell them they should work with me! Let’s do a sex science project together! I need a new 2016 goal/focus for Sex Love and Washing Clothes!

Or at least tell me where I can get these cameras!