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So here is a link for an article about Prostate orgasms. How do we feel about Prostate Orgasms? I have blogged about and challenged about Anal sex but never really approached the subject of prostate orgasms. We have experimented with some Anal play for the Hubs but honestly… I am the one a little freaked about it. I don’t really know why it would be cool for the Hubs to have a body cringing Orgasm the way I do on a regular basis. Girls get these great G-spot orgasms why can’t guys have these kind. Why be weirded out? More tomorrow guess what the Hump Day Challenge will be….

So this link came from a reader.


I love getting comments and links from readers! I am a new blogger, or at least I was a year ago. I am enjoying blogging! It is almost time for my #Everyday2015 to be finished. Now what? I love this gig (wish I could get paid for it). When I started I had contemplating publishing it into a book. But that was when I was a stay at home mom inspiring other “just moms” to be happy and content with being “just a mom” but things evolved as the year went on. I currently don’t know if what I wrote this last year is book worthy t has evolved and changed and subjects like today are fun and exciting but then there are the diet posts and the kid posts and the Hump Day Challenges and all of it. It is an awesoem body of work I love it and I am pretty sure I will continue into 2016.

So readers, what do you think? What topics should I tackle in 2016? What subject should I focus on? Am I too random? Do you love the randomness? I want to inspire and encourage and be me!

Do I have time? I did this year so I might as well just make it part of my life now right? I want to write about crazy shit, fun stuff, educational stuff, entertaining and even sometime sad and moving! Am I porn? Am I a mom blogger? Do I have an identity crisis? You only have an identity crisis if you don’t know or like what you are! I am part porn, part fitness blogger, part mom blogger and inspiring self love to everyone! That’s what I am and I will continue that in 2016!

Tell me what you like I may consider your POV and give more of that or I may just keep doing what I have been and that is being me! (Hopefully with less typos!) I may need a new tagline…