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Ok, so I teased it yesterday! Today’s Hump Day Challenge is to give your man a prostate orgasm. I have little knowledge on the subject and although I have participated in a bit of anal play on the Hubs I still don’t do it often but he likes it when I do and he wants to try more. He might be more into than me. I have a bit of a weirdness feeling around it. Nothing homophobic but a little just gross-ish. Boy’s butts are hairy (I get mine waxed so maybe girls are normally too) but I am willing to try on this last week of 2015 Hump Day Challenge.

man buttWhat I want to try most is to get a strap on but we don’t have time for that tonight though. So I will chat with the hubs and see what he is up for… I have tackled anal you would think I would be more ready for this. Any way I have researched a bit (today was a bit of a BS day with lots of crappy things that distratcted me from writing until right now (20 minutes before we are supposed to head out for date night. Here is a link to an article with 5 tips.  That I think are good info to get us started.


The bottom line is communicate. Use lots of lube Joe premium is our fave (you can get it in The Sex Love and Washing Clothes Amazon store link above) for Anal when he is penetrating me so I am guessing that is the choice he would make for him. My problem is I have small fingers I don’t know if they can get in far enough, I wonder if my Njoy butt plug (also available in the A-store) be nice for him and stimulate the way it needs to. I would love to give him multiple orgasms! I am kind of excited in an experimental way not really erotic or turned on yet. But searching for a photo to place with this post helped with that.

Go have fun with your man ladies. They probably will like us taking charge and when we accomplish this on him, he will get that glimps of what it’s like to be us when we have those long drawn out G-spot orgasms! And when they give us multiples. Favorite thing I learned in this article:

Apart from the intensity, the most appreciated aspect of prostate-assisted orgasms has to be that they allow for multiple orgasms (no more female envy!). With prostate-assisted orgasms, many men will experience “dry orgasm” meaning they don’t ejaculate. Ejaculation needs a refractory period; orgasm does not.

There you have it your last Hump Day Challenge of 2015. Something completely new and adventurous! Go get you some. Leave your worries and judgements behind and enjoy this kind of sex!