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Well we made it through 2015. I received sad news yesterday that a Dance Dad and friend passed away yesterday so when I wrote “we made it through” I felt something morbid or said or guilty that we made it and not everyone in that family did. While we are all planning our events of how we are going to bring in the new year that particular family is probably planning a memorial of how they will remember their father and husband’s life. He was a great guy and will be missed. I don’t believe he would approve of any of us morning or slowing down our celebrations or joy because of him. He probably would love it if we could take “good photos” of all of it! He was what my children lovingly referred to as our own paparazzi. He will be missed. This is a good reminder for me to not live in sadness and to live life to it’s fullest. Not everyday is guaranteed.

Dr-Seuss-Youer-QuoteSo for a bit of a review of 2015. Last year I had decided to Have sex, wash clothes/clean house every day. I was sure it would help my relationship, and house organization skills ect. Well I blogged everyday. I had sex most days but I am not certain that it made my relationship better. I think my relationship is better today than a year ago but we still have rough times. I think sometimes the pressure of sex everyday put a lot of pressure to make sex a great big thing and one or the other of us expected more than what we got. So that caused some tension. However we learned that being intimate, loving each other happens in many ways. Great sex is a good part of a good relationship but you don’t have to have it everyday. Sometimes just a snuggle or blow job is fine….

As for the “Washing Clothes” part, yeah that was going to be the stretch for me. When I started I was a stay at home mom trying to figure out how to ‘schedule’ my ‘unscheduled’ days. I was doing well until that week of bartending school. Since then it has been chasing clothes and picking them out the laundry baskets. The kids did great picking up chores over the summer and I hired a house keeper to come in every two weeks but was not pleased with her work and stopped having her come a few weeks ago and now I am needing to get a new house cleaning service, but haven’t had time to interview one. However, I feel my in-between house cleaner visits, my keeping up with it work is shining! Last time my Gma June Cleaver was here, she complimented how well I had been doing! Made me feel good (even though it was the day after house cleaner day) it is a process of constant work folks there’s no way around it. You just have to do it! (Bluh!!)

So I love to blog, I love my family, I love my life! I excel in the Love piece of this trinity! I want to keep doing it. I may not do it everyday in 2016 but I haven’t decided yet. I’ve thought of many scenarios including doing 3 a week one sex blog, one love blog and one washing clothes blog. But that may be too much structure for me. I may just blog on weekdays or when I feel so lead. I don’t know I want to try to keep them long enough to be enjoyed but short enough to give readers a chance to read in one trip to the bathroom or a bus ride or something. This post is reaching that “too long to read” limit but I have so much more to say!

You all have learned a lot about me this year. Maybe too much TMI but I have really enjoyed being free to write and put my thoughts out there and I am also pleased to say I never wrote anything I had to remove, or felt regretful about. There was one day I blogged angry, the hubs said he hated my post that day I said I know you do. and I gave him the option to write a “rebuttle but he declined) and the next day I posted about “making up” and how I felt I maybe shouldn’t have blogged so angry and may have painted the Hubs side in a bad light. I got a few likes on the I may have been wrong post vs the angry rant I made got zero …I see who side you are all on! Just kidding, it’s not about taking sides in life. I wanted to be real and that was real and so was the next day about making up you fight and you make up it is all part of life! It is about living free. So here are some last thoughts and lessons from 2015, okay maybe some advice:

  • Live Free
  • don’t get offended if someone “takes the other side” (they probably have not
  • Don’t feel like you have to pick a side.
  • Love with reckless abandon!
  • Have crazy sex just for fun …as much as you want
  • Have romantic sex aka Make Love …as much as you want
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, in life, love or in bed
  • Be the lover you want, and the one your lover wants
  • Love the lover you have, be with the one you love
  • Push through the hard times they are temporary
  • Have sex more!
  • Love more!
  • Wash clothes more
  • Be You
  • Love yourself
  • Don’t judge

Okay that list was long so I cut myself off. It’s funny how some things on that list although different are much the same! I have loved this year blogging! I am loving being a working mom but still hate labels! Every mom is a working mom some just work outside the home as well! I don’t have my 2016 plan yet but I will keep blogging and keep Sex Love and Washing Clothes-ing! I am feeling the “Sweet 16” will need to be part of my plan or goal or resolutions for the year. So have fun tonight. Be safe and cheers to a Sweet 2016! May you live life to the fullest have no regrets and be the best you that you can be!

Maybe 2016 will be a publishing year?????

And for the last time, bitter sweetly,