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Happy New Year!!!! Don’t be hasty to set resolutions. (I may be saying that because I haven’t set any yet!) Make sure you know what goals you are setting and that they not only match your life goals but that you have a plan for how you will achieve them!

First uo for me will be once again to do “Dry January” no alcohol for January. Waivers allowed for Seahawk’s games and/or special occasions. Being a bartender this year may be tough just being around and serving alcohol. Dry January starts Monday. The way I make it through Dry January is that I drink sparkling water in a wine glass when I am out. I get a fancy glass to feel fancy and I still have a good time with my friends who are drinking.

I am going to start a “transition diet” which give keys every week to focus on to lead to a lifestyle change so weight loss may be slow but it will be consistent. And continue after the “diet” is over. Because once the diet is over I will have trained myself to eat clean. Preparation is key! Grocery lists and time to shop and prep food is a must! I will work that in on Sundays or maybe Tuesdays.

Working out needs to get in there too. Cize is my home workout choice right now. Run 2 times a week at least and eventually, hopefully by March (I need deadlines) I will add in weight training.

Lots to do and decide in 2016! But first a relaxed day and weekend (even though I have to work at the bar tonight) with the fam, so good food and drink then it’s all business Monday!