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take-care-of-youToday is the second day of the year! I still have no idea what my yearly goal will be. I need to go for a long run to think it out I think. I definitely need to make me priority. I need to refocus on fitness. I have my normal two half marathons scheduled but I want to accomplish more this year. I am going to put the effort into Everyday 2016. I am going to focus on Sex everyday with the Hubs. We are actually going to do it for real this year, But I am not going to make it put too much pressure on us. I have spoken with the Hubs and he agrees. But I feel bad not making up a new 2016 challenge. As much as 2015 was a success in the #Everyday2015 we did not make it everyday having sex. The first day we missed was Valentines Day because we got home late and tired and maybe had a few too many to drink. Then some frustrations of normal life and arguments ect made a challenge in the middle of the year.

We as a couple are planning to focus on “More kissing” and less arguing. We had a better 2015 than 2014 in that arena but we had a few big fights that we over reacted and blew up some in front of the kids. We need to stop that. Communication and patience and calmness and understanding of each other needs to happen. I know when I get flooded I need time to breath and calm down. The Hubs has a hard time stopping or pausing for that to happen so the whole thing escalates. We both need to work on our rolls in those moments.

Self care needs to lead the way, both of us. Both people in a relationship need to be healthy coming from a spot of selfcare and wellness. It is ones own responsibility to take care of ones self! We cannot expect our spouse or lover or partner or best friend to make us feel better or treat us better. It is our job to keep our self healthy. As they say you can’t serve from an empty vessel. Do what you need to feel grounded and centered especially in challenging times and/or times of conflict. Be it getting a massage, running, meditation, seeing a counselor, singing, playing an instrument, tinkering on a project car, building a model airplane or flying a kite do what you need to keep you happy. Do what makes your heart happy. Especially if you have a job that drains you or that does not exactly do that for you, it is your job to fill you heart and soul, no one else’s!

It is all part of a delicate balance that is life. Taking time for you sometimes takes time away from you family. It is important to use that time wisely. This is a tight rope walk that I have not learned how to manage very well. 2016 I will work on figuring that out and share my findings with you. It is tough to be mom (or dad), employee, business owner, homemaker and prepare and eat healthy foods, get kids to activities in the evening, monitor homework do housework, take time with your spouse, watch your favorite TV show and take time for you! But it is a job we need to take time to take care of ourself. Just schedule it in your day.

So go forth in 2016! Take care of yourself! Fuck your partner everyday! Be happy take care of you!