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one day at a timeToday was the last day of the regular season in the NFL! As you know I am a Seahawks fan and the Seahawks played pretty damn good today. They beat up on the 2 seed! The Seahawks, last week, played horrible! I don’t know what happened but today they were back to the team that has been rolling for the latter part of the season. Today, if the road to the playoffs goes through AZ I am pretty confident.

The Hub’s and I have tied our Fantasy Football League. We have a couples league and we tied for the championship…WTF?! Now what? Split the money. I can’t find anything in the rules to have a tie breaker. I like the idea of just splitting the money instead of making up a tie breaker at this point, Next year we’ll make a tie breaker rule for the Championship.

Play offs BABY!!!! The Seahawks are in the dance! They did well! If  they play like they did today, everyone else should be scared! Superbowl 50 here we come. One game at a time though, don’t get cocky or arrogant just play like you know how to play! Focus on what is in front of you. One play at a time one game at a time.

I am going to start 2016 with this advice! One step at a time, one piece at a time. Focus on what is in front of you and just do one thing at a time. Stay focused and don’t get overwhelmed you cant win the game in one play. You have to play the whole game one play at a time.

So for my fitness, organization, work and family goals take it one day at a time. Get your workout in today you have one chance for today no excuses just do it one day at a time!