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Today is my Tuesday, my day to do house work, work out, rest, grocery shop and regroup myself. Which usually ends up being a day I get absolutely nothing accomplished. It is 10:49am I have gotten a few email sent, and looked up some info that I needed. I still need to workout, I need to shop, I need to clean, and I have a meeting with a friend of mine for some minor business planning type stuff, which takes away time to do just that. I am sitting down to blog because I need to, for my sanity!

Know what you wantI have been having some stress at my massage job. Some scheduling issues that are sort of out of my control as I do not do the scheduling. I have had ‘meetings’ with the boss, office mananger and the front desk staff, with little to no changes. I feel like there have been excuses and maybe unintentional lies about the policy and procedure we are going to follow. Do I want to have the awkward conversation one more time? Who do I do it with? Maybe the Doc, the other therapist and I. Maybe the Doc and the office manager and I, Maybe just the Doc again or maybe I wait to see if a couple more days to give the office manager time to chat with the Doc and see if that will get a policy going… I am not one for confrontation. Yesterday I posted about not asking why do I have to deal with this and why can’t I have what I want but asking How can I get what I want? So now is time for planning.

My Plan: right now is to wait out this week. See if the changes we have spoken about actually happen. Or chatting with my boss, the Doctor I work for, about leasing my office and doing my own scheduling. Then I would have control. If a client really needs me to come in early or work late I would be able to make that decision vs the office deciding to schedule with the other therapist. However, I would also have to do my own billing and everything else as well. My goal for this post was to situate my thoughts and that is not happening! I need to know what I want before I decide how to make that plan. Maybe my business meeting this afternoon will help me focus….If I have time I will finish this later. No time to sit around like this! I need to be productive! I am so stressed and frustrated that this is causing such stress. I have the rest of my life to focus on and tasks to accomplish, as if that is not enough!

Apologies for no advice or positive spin or anything that is inspiring in this post other than stop stressing worrying or “planning” when you’ve got nothing to go off of….so here I go to get my shit done! Take it one task at a time!

Not sure I can do this!!! Yes I can Yes I can yes I can!