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So Happy Hump Day! It is a tough day for me! My dad passed away 16 years ago today. I am trying to link last year’s blog here it is titled If You Have One, Hug Your Dad, for me, Today! Yet, I struggle figuring these high tech tricks sometimes especially when on my phone. So you can search it from the site. I found it by searching “Dad” in the search bar. It is a great representation of how I feel about my dad. I miss him.

Today being Wednesday is a Hump Day and I am also going to cheat that for today as well. Last week posted XXX-Prostate O-XXX but I have yet to do it. So we ended last year with a Hump Day Challenge for the prostate and we are starting this year with the prostate. Yep…we are going to be daring! So go pull up the XXX-Prostate O-XXX (I will link it when I figure it out) and try it! Let’s try giving those good strong orgasms to the men.

So there, I know I cheated but I did use two good past posts that I think are pretty good. šŸ˜‰