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I love the new Wrestling team the boy is on this year! He as well as the team as a whole are so much more focused. I credit the coaches. They teach the kids in a group and keep them stimulated the whole time. The previous team they did a lot of standing in line waiting their turn to run a drill. These coaches expect focus and attention when they are talking, they also call them out when they aren’t focusing.

The other part about this team is the moms. I have some friends from former baseball and football teams. The moms of this team are supportive and fun. I usually drop and go but I can never get out of there before a refreshing fun little chat for 30 minutes or so. No drama just fun. Today it was about redoing flooring and cleaning carpets. We also talked about how husbands and/or kids don’t always do a good job completing a task (i.e. laundry or dishes). We also compared stories about what we do with left socks in the laundry. (Then left one is the lonely one when the dryer eats the other.) And that chat lead to one about organizing and kids not putting their clothes away ect….you know, normal mom stuff! It was as I already said refreshing!


I really enjoy the evenings I can participate in these amazingly small but fulfilling mom things! It really Fills my heart and makes it sing to be in those moments, taxi-ing my kids and sharing those moments with other moms and comparing stories and laughing. What a joy it is!

With that said, tonight is date night with the Hubs, those are moments I love and enjoy as well, just as much!

I am living in the moment tonight! It is a great feeling to not be rushed and have time and actually take it to live in the moment. Get your head out of your phone and be in the moment with who you are with!