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Today was the third wrestling match of the the year. The boy has had some tough competition this year. When he got down in his first match, he kind of gave up a little. He has asked me to not yell too loud or too much because it distracts him. That is tough for me. It’s tough to be quiet. I did it but when I saw him getting down and “giving up” I let loose and was loud. Still I was positive but with the don’t give up tone. He wrestles and when he can’t figure out what to do to get out of something or if the kid sets him off he gets mad and emotional. I keep saying, “Don’t get mad, get focused” but sometimes I am not sure he knows or is capable of understanding what I am saying or even how to do that!

We wrestle in a league and the teams and wrestlers kind of stay the same so he has been wrestling some of these kids for 5 years. They all grow and get bigger but for the most part they all stay the similar sizes in relation to each other. There are some kids in his weight group that have gotten stronger, faster, and better. The boy has as well and all the kids his size have. Some have gotten extremely better! Today he had a good night. He only wrestled two kids and one kid forfeited after about 30 seconds in the first round. This kid (the other boy) does that a lot when The Boy (my boy) starts to dominate him. That boy, (the other boy), does not like to lose or get beat and The Boy , my boy, gets him most times. The two have wrestled a lot The Boy (my boy) is probably up 50-75% of the time. Although same kid beat The Boy (my boy) in last week’s match. At this age (10) it is hard to handle so much emotions. It is hard to learn how to wrestle a kid and get beat by him and not get mad at him. When do they learn the ‘friendly competition’ idea? Anyway it is always fun to watch, he is learning and growing?

Mother sonYesterday was the boys birthday. He is now 10! He was a fast labor. I had felt some minor contractions all day but didn’t think it was anything. Then my water broke and he came out in less than 30 minutes. The Boy is pretty chill until he needs something and he needs it right now! Just like the way he came into this world! He is a strong character. He has a strong personality and he is very emotional. When he is frustrated you know it. When he is happy or excited there is no mistaking that either! Which makes it so much more fun to spend time with this kid.

I am proud to be his mom. I hope I can teach him how to focus a little more and use his emotions to help him and not distract him. That is the one thing I want to help him with this year! So that when he is 11 I can say to him “Don’t get mad, Get Focused” and he would actually know how to do just that! That is my mom goal for The Boy this year.