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Tonight, the Boy’s class put on a Martin Luther King program. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to watch your kids perform. Even the silly little school programs. You know the ones that you can only see the corner of your kids head because the kid in front of him is taller, or when the girl in the front row is flipping her skirt up…ok that doesn’t happen in 5th grade bit you know what I mean.

I was so impressed with how well they did! Such a fun experience. I love live music, live performances and especially when it kids that actually sounds good and are having fun! I am thankful for my co-worker at my bar job who traded shifts with me today. If she wouldn’t have I would’ve missed the performance.

I did give notice and I am going to miss my co-workers, especially the ones who are willing to help me still be a family mom when I need to. So I am off to go work the late closing shift. The Girl is at a sleep over, the Boy and The Hubs are going to work on Lego’s for a while. I  feeling great to have had this evening with the fam!