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Happy Monday! Today has been pretty nice. I finally feel like I have a track that I am on and it is the right track. My kids had the day off, the Hubs and I both had to work. The girl had dance rehearsal (gearing up for competition season) and the Boy and the Hubs and I went outside and practice some baseball techniques. I had 3 hour long appointments today and have now started scheduling evening appointments. As I have stated in prior posts I am quitting the night job at the bar and am going “Full Time” at my massage office. Full time for an LMP is 20 hour long appointments a week. My hope is that I will do 5 massages Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays then 2 and 3 or so on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thursday mornings I will do massage then my BNI meeting at noon and volunteer at school Thursday afternoons. Tuesdays we’ll just see what comes up. I have 5 scheduled already for this Wednesday. After today I feel like it is doable to have the family eat dinners together and create a culture of togetherness with my family.

Dinner togetherOn the Homefront we will have to kind of adjust our normal dinner plans. Since this school year has started I have not got a routine going. The Girl has to be at dance at 4 M, W, & F and 5 and 5:30 on T and Th. The boy has practice or matches during wrestling season at 6. So my plan for work is I will finish my afternoon appointments by 2:30ish and then start evening appoints around 4:15ish and be done by 7ish. We will shift to the kids having good hardy and healthy snacks before practices and then have late healthy dinners after practices. That just means I have to have them planned out and quick to make so we are eating no later than 8:30 and kids can get into bed. But I want to have family meal time, with the whole family. I want family meal time to be fun and relaxed and a time where we can connect. I also want my kids to get to bed at a decent time as well but healthy dinners have not been happening in this household and my kids are getting to the age that they need good nutrition modeled for them because it is too easy to just grab fast food.

I can do this! These next two weeks are going to be a bit rough doing both working at the bar and expanding my massage schedule. But it feels so much better right now that I know I am not aimlessly going through life to just make money that we have not idea what is going on. I have felt so disconnected lately and I hate that! I want my kids to remember time eating dinner telling stories and eating healthy real whole foods. Not eating whatever was easy to grab and eat in the car. I am going to have to plan and that is tough for me! I really need to make it a priority to have dinners prepped. I have a feeling my crockpot will be coming in handy and/or caseroles that can be thrown in after I get off work before we go pick up the kids. As soon as I figure it out then it will be baseball season and practice schedules will change and it will be a new plan. But you have to work with what you have.

For me family is important. We are busy but I know that we can make this work. It really is only temporary soon, before we know it our kids will be grown and we will wonder what happened to them and how they grew up so fast. I want to participate in their lives so that is why we are making family dinner time a priority. Homework may have to wait some nights and they may have to stay up late or get up early to finish. We will spend more time as a family and that will make us stronger!

I know I can do this it is important to have that connection and with some work we will make it happen and it will be good!