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Many of you readers know I am a chronic dieter. Or not really a dieter but I am constantly watching my weight and I am in these weight loss challenge groups. Every 12 weeks or so me and about 40 other people are in this weight loss challenge, we put in $25 each and the top 3 get the money. It is a good way to get support and challenge each other. This challenge to change it up we are in teams of 2. My teammate I have never met. She and I have texted and for the last few weeks became each other’s cheer leader. Each week in the challenge we have mini challenges this week part of our mini challenge was to create something specifically to motivate out teammate. a couple of my friends are teammates with the mom or husband or BFF but me I don’t know my gal and I want to be extra motivational but don’t really know her. So I just pulled out some Quote pictures and made a little collage. I also wrote to her stating how thankful I am to have her to be accountable to. I am not always very self accountable. The most self accountability I have ever had has been writing this blog everyday. But when it comes to turning down the chocolate sittong on the counter at work or ice cream I usually make an excuse that I can have just one. Then I have just one more and one more until it turns into “Fuck It! I will be better tomorrow!” As I proceed to eat the whol bag of goodies! But for some reason when my success affects my teammate I tend to be a bit more driven to turn down that chocolate. Why is it that we can give up on ourselves so easily but it is harder to give up on someone else.

At least that’s how I am. I suck at getting to aerobics classes as a student but when I taught, I was always there! I love exercise classes, I would love to teach again too but for some reason I will constantly make excuses. I deserve a self to be better and to take care of me better. But at least for now I have a teammate who will benefit or not from my success which makes me more motivated to say no thank you when the daughter offers to get me ice cream after a long day. Now is a good time to be curious about that and maybe try to refocus my head to better take care of me. You know I preach self care all the time!!!!

So here is the motivational quotes I included in said collage. I found some that really spoke to me. I am hoping these quotes will speak to and inspire my teammate as well. My bet is she needed these quotes as much as I did. We have been a good fit for each other it is amazing how the universe works getting people together some how…almost like it was planned. Whatever it is divine intervention is awesome and I can’t wait to see where my teammate and I are heading in our weight loss/life battles.

To Self Care and Accountability